HELride 2015


#HELride is a weekend long professional skateboarding session in HELsinki.

Friday 31.7 we had a MID AIR CRISIS – ramp jam at Kiasma and this is what happened:
Our formal contest winners:
1.Dannie Carlsen
2.Eniz Fazliov
3.Sam Beckett

Best tricks:
Monster extension:
-Dannie Carlsen tons of tricks
-Sam Beckett, kickflp melon
Sonera X rail:
-Dannie Carlsen, bs nosegrind & blunt to kickflip fakie
-Joni Kiiskilä, 50-50 to 50-50 & nosegrind indy
Lamina mattress:
-Sam Beckett flip to mattress bonk out
-Joni Kiiskilä some weirdo grazy stuff

Saturday 1.8 we had a Monster DEAT RACE and best trick sessions in #SUVILAHTIdiy

1. Aapo Olervo
2. Willis Kimble
3. Lauri Ojanen

Best Tricks you have to see for your self from the recaps.
But everyone killed it.



Kallio Block Party:

Plaza Del PAZ:

#HELride photos: